How to run your Quilibrium via SATEA

Step 1: Purchase a Quilibrium Node

  1. Login to app.satea.io

  2. Select the Quilibrium or Quilibrium Pro node.

Note: The difference between the Quilibrium and Quilibrium Pro nodes is that the nodes run on different equipment hardware, with the Quilibrium nodes running on the Mac mini Pro M2 version of the hardware and the Quilibrium Pro nodes running on the AMD EPYC 9124, a 16-core CPU; 64G of RAM; and 1T of SSD storage. While Quilibrium Pro nodes have better general-purpose computational performance, Satea cannot ensure a stable reward payoff, and Quilibrium's reward mechanism is not yet well defined.

Selecting the Number of Nodes and Node Duration

After confirming that there are no errors, please follow the instructions to complete the payment.

Step 2: Waiting for Node Configuration

After the payment is completed, the system will automatically configure and synchronize the nodes. The configuration and synchronization will be completed within 2 business days without any additional operation. You can check the deployment progress and node details by clicking Quilibrium or Quilibrium Pro nodes on the Node Management page.

After the configuration is complete, the platform will provide your Quilibrium node address on the node details page. (Node mnemonics are not yet disclosed to ensure account security)

Step 3: Check Node Rewards

Quilibrium will update the node reward irregularly, and Satea will synchronize the reward status to the backend. You can click on your deployed Quilibrium or Quilibrium Pro node on the Node Management page to check the reward details. You can also check the reward status on Quilibrium official website: https://quilibrium.com/rewards/ according to the node address.

Above, the deployment and checking of Quilibrium nodes is completed.

Note: Given that the reward scheme of Quilibrium is still undefined, Satea cannot guarantee a stable reward revenue.

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