How to run your Movement via SATEA

Step 1: Purchase a Movement Nodes

  1. Login to and select Movement

  2. Select the number of nodes and node runtime

  3. After confirming that there is no error, please follow the instructions to complete the payment.

Step 2: Waiting for node deployment

  1. After the payment is completed, the system will automatically deploy and synchronise the nodes. The deployment will be completed within 2 working days, and no additional operation is required during this period. You can check the deployment progress and node details by clicking Movement in the ‘Node Management’ page.

  2. After the deployment is complete, the platform will provide your Movement Node ID and Public Key on the Node Details page. safekeeping the information. Please do not disclose information.

  3. The platform will also disclose information about the hardware on which the Movement node is running, for the purpose of completing the official application form for the next step.

Step 3: Fill in the Official Application Form

Movement nodes need to submit a form to apply to be selected as a valid verifier.

Application address:

  1. Name: ( fill in your name )

  2. Telegram handle*: ( fill in your TG ID )

  3. Twitter handle: ( fill in your Twitter ID )

  4. Node geolocation: ( already disclosed on the node details page )

  5. Public Key: ( already disclosed on the node details page )

  6. Node hardware specification: ( already disclosed on the node details page )

  7. Networks validating for: ( fill in the nodes you have run and are running and analyse your past experience of running nodes. )

  1. Number of nodes of each network: ( Node names can be attached to increase credibility. )

  2. Years running each node:( The time of each node you've run. )

  3. Operating System: ( already disclosed on the node details page )

  4. Do you meet or surpass these metrics for CPU, Memory, Storage, and Network Bandwidth?( Please tick the answer )

After completing the application form, wait for official review and keep your contact information open.

Now, you have completed the Movement node deployment and application.

Satea Disclosure Information

  • Node ID

  • Public Key

  • Node geolocation

  • Node hardware specification

  • Operating System

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