How to run your Fuel via SATEA

Step 1: Select runtime and complete payment

  • Login to your account and select the node you would like to run

  • Determine the node type (AUTO/MANUAL)

  • Select the service type

  • Select the number of nodes and node runtime

  • After confirming that there are no errors, please follow the instructions to complete the payment

Note: If “AUTO” service is selected in the service type, you don’t need to provide API Key, we will take care of all the operations after the node is deployed.

Note: If “MANUAL” service is selected in the service type, you need to provide API Key to ensure the normal operation of your node.

Step 2: Complete Node Deployment

  1. After the payment is completed, if you choose "MANUAL" service, you need to enter the "Node Management" page, click on the “Fuel” node you purchased, and fill in your Infura API Key or Alchemy API Key in the node details page.

  2. Node deployment and synchronization is estimated to be completed within 2 working days, during this time no additional actions are required.

  3. After the deployment is complete, the system returns your node RPC address (e.g., http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:4000/graphql).

Step 3: Query Node Status

  1. Once the node has been initialised, you can install the Fuel browser plugin wallet and initialise it.

  2. Select Network in the upper left corner and add a new Network.

3. Use the RPC address returned by the system, no need to add, as long as no error is reported, it means that the node is successfully deployed.

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