Why should users participate in node deployment? What are the benefits of running a node?

Nodes are crucial to the operation of blockchain networks. By running a node, users contribute to keeping the entire network secure, decentralized, and stable. Additionally, users who participate in node deployment may be eligible to receive airdrop rewards from the project.

Which nodes are more profitable to run?

The profitability of running nodes can vary, and there is a risk that the investment may not yield the expected returns. We cannot calculate or predict the profits of individual nodes. Please do your own research and purchase services based on your specific needs.

Which nodes does Satea currently support?

Satea currently supports projects like Nubit, Farcaster, Quilbrium, Kuzco, 0g, Analog, Tanssi, io.net, Fuel, and others. These projects were selected based on market popularity and internal research. If users wish to run other nodes, please feel free to submit your request anytime. We value user feedback and will launch new services once the request is validated.

Why some nodes cannot be run simultaneously?

That is because certain nodes have specific requirements. For example, io.net monitors its nodes' GPU usage and automatically bans mining devices and instances with high GPU usage. As a result, nodes with io.net cannot be run concurrently with other projects that require GPU resources.

Do I need to give you my private key?

We never ask users for their private keys under any circumstances. Please do not believe in any notice that requires your private key in our name. Each node service will generate a new private key, which is encrypted and securely stored on our servers.

What is the difference between MANUAL and AUTO services?

For MANUAL service, we only provide node operation and maintenance services, while tasks such as claiming faucets must be performed by users. Some node services are only available as MANUAL. Please refer to our pricing details for more information.

How long does it take to run a node and get rewards?

The node's running duration varies depending on the specific project, the deployed hardware, and network conditions. Therefore, we cannot estimate how long a single project will need to run. Based on previous user feedback, nodes are generally run until the project's mainnet launches. However, please research and purchase services based on your specific needs.

Can users deploy nodes themselves?

We have yet to support self-deployment because it may cause various issues if users lack the required technical expertise. Satea focuses on facilitating one-click deployment to lower entry barriers, enabling users to achieve higher returns at lower costs.

How does Satea ensure the security of user data? What security measures are in place? How can I access my wallet to run the node?

User data security is our top priority. We implement various measures, including encrypted communication and secure storage, and regularly review and update these measures to ensure optimal protection. To prevent asset loss due to private key exposure during node operation, we don't provide access to private keys during this period.

Normally, once the node operation is completed, we will provide a secure method for users to obtain their private keys. After disclosing a private key, Satea will destroy the private key data stored on our servers. It is important to note that after the disclosure of private keys, Satea is no longer responsible for the wallet's security. Users must handle the disclosed information cautiously and ensure its security, as Satea will not be held responsible if the wallet is lost or stolen.

How can I check the node status now?

Before launching the fully functional official website, we will provide nodes' query information after deploying them. Users can check the status themselves through their wallet. Please refer to the tutorials we provide for detailed instructions.

Where can users get more information or interact with other fellows?

Users can interact and get more information from our website through social media channels (X, Discord). We regularly post updates and important announcements on these channels and encourage users to engage in discussions and share feedback actively.

Is Satea up and running now?

Yes, Satea has successfully established a stable network of managed nodes and received positive user feedback. We are dedicated to continuously improving our services.

Can I cancel my node subscription?

Sorry, the node service does not support full refunds (). Please read the subscription information carefully to ensure that it is correct before placing an order. Please understand and choose carefully.

SOLA Service

What are SOLA Node Packages?

SOLA is Satea’s subscription-based service, offering three flexible plans that allow you to customize the projects you want to run. Subscribers are also eligible to purchase services in DEPLOY NODES at a discount of up to $135.

How can I subscribe to SOLA Node Packages?

You can first check our available projects on the DEPLOY NODES page. If you want to run 2 projects or more simultaneously, it is more advisable to subscribe to a SOLA Node Package because that will cost less than purchasing individual nodes.

Here are 3 steps for subscribing to SOLA Node Packages:

  • Step 1: Select how many projects you want to run simultaneously in a node.

  • Step 2: Select the number of nodes or "packages" you want to run.

  • Step 3: Then, you can find the prices of subscription plans with different durations based on the selected criteria above. You may subscribe to the plan with your expected duration. A more extended plan generally gives you a higher discount and more special perks. Please note that you can't run a single project in parallel within a SOLA Node Package. It means that if you select 2 projects, you must run 2 different projects. If a particular project has special hardware requirements that SOLA Node Packages cannot support, their node cards on the DEPLOY NODES page will have a notice saying, "The node doesn't support SOLA Node Packages." Please carefully confirm this before subscribing.

What are the "Node Discounts" in the 60-day and 180-day plans?

Node Discount is a special offer for SOLA Node Package subscribers. At the end of your subscription period, you can purchase SATEA’s node services at discounted prices. Please note that you cannot apply these Node Discounts to subscribing to SOLA Node Packages. Example: One "Node Discount" allows you to purchase one SATEA node service at a discounted rate. The number of nodes eligible for the discounted rate depends on how many packages you subscribe to.

How to use SOLA Node Packages?

After subscribing to your SOLA Node Packages, you can view the details and usage of the packages in "My SOLA."

  • Step 1: On the DEPLOY NODES page, select the node projects you want to run and choose the desired quantity and duration.

  • Step 2: After clicking DEPLOY, the cost will be automatically deducted by the SOLA Node Packages you subscribed to in the payment confirmation. Then, you can place the order as usual.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We are sorry that the SOLA Node Packages service is non-refundable. Please carefully review the subscription details before placing your order. We appreciate your understanding and caution.

Can I change the running node projects within a subscription period?

We are sorry that the order from SOLA Node Packages doesn't support the project change during the subscription. If a node order ends before your SOLA Node Packages subscription expires, you can choose to purchase other node projects. Please thoroughly research the official project information and accurately assess the required running time before placing an order. We appreciate your understanding and caution.

How long is the duration of a SOLA Node Package? How can I renew it?

Currently, SOLA Node Packages are available in three durations: 30 days, 60 days, and 180 days. We will notify you via email five days before your SOLA Node Packages subscription expires. You can purchase additional SOLA Node Packages through the banner at the top of the DEPLOY NODES page. If you need to renew a node within the active period of your SOLA Node Packages subscription, select the node you want to renew in MY NODES and click the RENEW button at the bottom left to proceed with the renewal.

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