How to run your Aethir via SATEA

Step 1: Open Ticket

If you need to delegate your Aethir node, please join the Satea official Discord at, and open a ticket to submit your requirements. Satea customer service will process the requirements and list the Aethir hosting service on the official website.

Step 2: Purchase Aethir Node Hosting Service

  1. Login to and select Aethir.

  2. Select the number and duration of Aethir nodes you want to run.

After confirming the order information, please follow the instructions to complete the payment

Step 3: Wait for node deployment and copy the burner address

The system will automatically deploy and synchronize the nodes after the payment is made. The process will be completed within 2 business days. No additional operation is needed from your end during this period. You can check the deployment progress and node details on MY NODES page.

Once the node is deployed, the system will provide the burner address for you to complete delegation on Aethir's site.

Step 4: Delegate Node ( Checker Node )

Log in to the Aethir official website: with a wallet that holds the Checker NFT Licenses.

Navigate to the Licenses tab. Copy the burner wallet address provided by Satea.

Click Delegate and confirm in the wallet to complete the delegation.

Step 5: Query node status

In the Activity tab, you can view the running status of your delegated nodes. After the deployment of the node on our end in 2 business days, the Status of the nodes will show Success, which means it is successfully delegated.

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