How to run your Airchains via SATEA

Airchains Station Remote Service Hardware Requirements

  • 4 CPU cores

  • 8 GB of RAM

  • 200 GB of free storage

  • 100 MBps bandwidth

Step 1: Purchase Airchains Node

  1. Log in to and select Airchains.

  2. Select the number and duration of Airchains nodes you want to run.

After confirming the order information, please follow the instructions to complete the payment.

Step 2: Wait for the node deployment

After payment, the system will automatically deploy the nodes within 2 business days. After deployment, your node information will be disclosed. You can check the deployment progress and node details on the MY NODES page.

The disclosed node information will include the Private Key, Mnemonic, and Address. Please keep this information in a safe place.

After the node is deployed, the system will claim a small amount of test tokens for the address to start the node.

Step 3: Collect the Test Tokens

faucet website:

Log in to Airchain's Discord and complete the verification process. Enter your Address to collect the test tokens. Every address can only collect tokens once every 24 hours.

24 hours after the node is successfully configured (waiting for the initial token collection to cool down), users must collect test tokens to ensure the address balance. Otherwise, the script program will automatically pause, and points cannot be increased.

Currently, the Airchains blockchain browser cannot update the address balance. Users need to import the private key of the address into the wallet and view the amf test token balance in the wallet.

Ensure your address has a balance of test tokens. The script will automatically pause without a balance, and points will not be earned.

Step 4: Check your points

After collecting the test tokens, you can check your points on the Airchains Station Point Program website: (it usually takes about 20 minutes for the latest points to be displayed).

Firstly, click Connect Wallet.

You will be redirected to Leap Wallet. If you don't have Leap Wallet installed, download and install its browser extension.

Here is an example with Chrome:

Select "Using a recovery phrase import address."

Enter the disclosed Mnemonic

Select any of the displayed wallets and click Proceed.

Return to the Airchains website and connect your wallet to see your current points.

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