How to run your Kuzco via SATEA

Step 1: Purchase a Kuzco node

  1. Login to app.satea.io and select Kuzco

  2. Select the number of nodes and node duration

After confirming that there are no errors, please follow the instructions to complete the payment.

Step 2: Configure Nodes

After the payment is completed, you need to go to Node Management, click Kuzco node, which is in "NEED TO SET UP" status, and submit your Kuzco account information.

If you have already registered a Kuzco account, you can submit your Kuzco account and password directly.

If you have not registered a Kuzco account, please go to the Kuzco official website https://kuzco.xyz/register to register an account and submit it in the Satea node management backend.

Step 3: Complete Node Deployment and Inspection

After submitting your Kuzco account password, Satea will complete the deployment of the node within 2 working days without any additional operation.

After the deployment is completed, the Kuzco node status will be RUNNING on the Node Management page.

You can check which hardware nodes are tied to your account on the Kuzco website on the Workers page at https://kuzco.xyz/dashboard/workers.

Above, you have completed the setup and deployment of the Satea hosted Kuzco node.

Satea will be responsible for the normal operation and maintenance of the node. Please do not delete the tied hardware devices to cause unnecessary losses. Satea cannot be responsible for any inability to log in due to the deletion of the hardware device tied to the account due to the user's improper operation, or the loss of the user's Kuzco account due to a change in password.

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