How to run your Analog via SATEA

Step 1: Purchase an Analog node

  1. Login to and select Analog.

  2. Select the number of nodes and node duration

After confirming, please follow the instructions to complete the payment.

Step 2: Submit Validator Node Name

.After payment is completed, the Analog node status is "Need to Setup"

In your order, submit the name of your validator node. It is best to have a name that is related to your social media identity, which may increase the chances of being selected.

Generally, Satea will complete the node deployment within two working days after receiving your submitted validator name.

Step 3: Register a Wallet Address

After the payment, you need to download Polkawallet and create your account to bind Analog nodes.

Wallet Download: You need to download the wallet plugin to your browser, SubWallet is recommended. The following tutorials are based on SubWallet.

The following tutorials are based on the SubWallet download link:

Google Chrome:


Once you have downloaded and installed SubWallet, you will be automatically directed to the wallet settings screen. Click "Create a new account" to register a new wallet account.

Please read the instructions for the wallet.

Please create a wallet password (this password is only for you to use this wallet in the browser of this device and will not control your address).

Acknowledgment of seed phrase safety tips.

Get the seed phrase, and remember: the seed phrase is the only credential that controls your account, so make sure you keep it safe.

Step 4: Binding Analog Nodes

After the background setup of Analog node is completed, the status of the node is "Running" andthe setup is completed. Click Analog node to enter the node details. You can see Analog node name, node address and node private key.

Note: Satea will not save the user's private key, so please keep it safe.

Bind your account to the Analog node with the Analog node private key.

Go to the official polka APP website:

Login with SubWallet to bind your account.

Check the Analog address of your account. In "Account-My Account", click on the selected account at the bottom left and you will see the Analog address in the box on the right. Click to copy it.

Address to request Gas tokens

You need to be verified by entering the official Analog Discord community.

In the "faucet" channel on the left, send "!faucet Analog address".

For example, if your wallet address is an5CAW5yrSdrbaN35zYCB76NgEmAxEYosFCJ6ie1w79LpEaJnU, please enter the following:!faucet an5CAW5yrSdrbaN35zYCB76NgEmAxEYosFCJ6ie1w79LpEaJnU. The gas token can usually be collected to your account within 10 minutes.

Bind the validator node.

On the "Network-Staking" screen, select "Account" and click on the box "+ Validator" on the right.

Enter the amount you want to stake. In order to complete the registration form later, the stake amount needs to be more than 0.9 TANLOG and less than your address balance. Click on "Next".

To bind the validator node, enter the private key of Analog node in Satea backend into the box below, and then click "Bind & Verify" to complete the node binding.

Step 5: Check the node status

You can check the node status via Analog Browser at

Find your node by looking up the node name within the page. The box on the right is the block synchronization height; if it matches the latest block height selected on the top left, the node runs normally.

(Some browsers may not be able to find the node name on the page. You can also sort by the first letter of the node name and pull down the page to find your node.)

Step 6: Fill in the Analog Validator Node Registration Form

After completing the above node configuration and ensuring that the node is officially operational, you need to fill in the validator node registration form.

Fill in the link:

  1. Please provide the name of your node. This question is required.*

(Just match the name of the Satea backend disclosure.)

  1. Please provide your emergency phone number. This question is required.

(It is recommended to give the foreign mobile phone number priority.)

  1. Please provide us with your email address.

Please fill in your preferred email address.

  1. Please provide us with your stash account address.This question is required.*The stash account will be used to check that your validator has a minimum of 0.9 TANLOG bonded in the account.

You need to submit your Analog address. Note that the balance of this address needs to be more than 0.9 TANLOG.

  1. Please provide us with your hardware specifications. This question is required.*

The hardware specifications for the Analog node operation provided by Satea will be disclosed within the order.

* In order to avoid duplication caused by a large number of fillings, users are requested to adjust the order and wording of expressions when filling out the form to enhance credibility.

  1. Please provide us with your element handle(s).

Element handle is the ID of the chat tool Element. Click on the link to the official website to register.

  1. Please provide us with your email address. This should be the email used to submit all relevant information and documentation as part of the KYB (or, in the case of individuals applying, KYC) process.

Important: Do not use a VPN during the KYC/KYB process. Doing so will result in the rejection of your application!

Submit your form.

You have completed the node configuration of Analog above. Please pay attention to Analog's official information in a timely manner to avoid missing out on project dynamics and causing unnecessary losses.

Please keep your SubWallet account and Analog node's seed phrase and private key safe. You will be responsible for any damages if you lose or disclose your seed phrase or private key. Reference:

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