How to run your Farcaster via SATEA

Farcaster Hubble Remote Service Hardware Requirements

  • 4 core CPU

  • 16 GB RAM

  • 200 GB available storage space

  • Public IP address with ports 2281 - 2283 open

  • 100 Mbps bandwidth

Step 1: Purchase a Farcaster Node

  1. Login to app.satea.io and select Farcaster

  2. Select the number of nodes and node runtime.

After confirming there is no error, please follow the instructions to complete the payment.

Step 2: Submit the FID and RPC URL

After payment is complete, you need to submit the FID and RPC URLs by clicking on the Farcaster node in the node management page.

If you haven't downloaded and signed up for Warpcast yet, search for 'Warpcast' in the App Store or Google Play Store to download the app.

After downloading and creating an account, there is a $5/year fee to use the software. IOS users can auto-renew the fee in their tied Apple ID.

You can see your FID in the Profile of the Warpcast APP.

How to get the RPC URL

The RPC URLs of the Ethereum mainnet and Optimism are required. You can register for free through Alchemy or Infura.

Alchemy: https://www.alchemy.com/

After successful registration, go to your personal homepage, click Create a new app to create an APP, enter a name, and successfully create an APP.

Enter the APP interface and click Network to see the API Key of each network. Copy the URLs of Ethereum and Optimism, respectively.

Infura: https://app.infura.io/

After registering, enter the dashboard. The platform will default generate an API Key (NAME: My First Key). Click My First Key.

Check Ethereum MAINNET and Optimism MAINNET, and SAVE CHANGES.

Then you can see the URLs of Ethereum and Optimism. Copy them respectively.

After the node is deployed in 2 business days, the system will disclose the IP of your node.

Step 3:Query Node Status

In your browser, open http://<server_ip>:3000 and enter the IP of your node in <> (the <> symbol needs to be deleted). It will take about 1 minute to load for the first time, so please be patient and wait for the browser to load.

The Farcaster node is successfully built when Message Sync % reaches 100%.

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