SOLA Node Packages

SOLA Node Packages is Satea’s subscription-based service offering three flexible plans that allow you to customize the projects you want to run. Subscribers are also eligible to purchase services in DEPLOY NODES at a discount of up to 60%.

Projects per Node

The number of projects you want to run simultaneously.

Please note that a "SOLA Node Booster Pack" cannot simultaneously run nodes for the same project. This means that when you choose to run 2 projects, you must select two different projects to run.


The number of nodes you want to run.

If you purchase 2 "SOLA Node Booster Packs" with a project capacity of 2 each, you can run them according to the following schemes:

  • Select two projects, with each project running two nodes.

  • Select three projects, with one project running two nodes and the remaining two projects each running one node.

  • Select four projects, with each of the four projects running one node.

How can I subscribe to SOLA Node Packages?

You can first check our available projects on the DEPLOY NODES page. If you want to run 2 projects or more simultaneously, it is more advisable to subscribe to a SOLA Node Package because that will cost less than purchasing individual nodes.

Here are 3 steps for subscribing to SOLA Node Packages:

  • Step 1: Select how many projects you want to run simultaneously in a node.

  • Step 2: Select the number of nodes or "packages" you want to run.

  • Step 3: Then, you can find the prices of subscription plans with different durations based on the selected criteria above. You may subscribe to the plan with your expected duration.

A more extended plan generally gives you a higher discount and more special perks. Please note that you can't run a single project in parallel within a SOLA Node Package. It means that if you select 2 projects, you must run 2 different projects.

If a particular project has special hardware requirements that SOLA Node Packages cannot support, their node cards on the DEPLOY NODES page will have a notice saying, "The node doesn't support SOLA Node Packages." Please carefully confirm this before subscribing.

What are the "Node Discounts" in the 60-day and 180-day plans?

Node Discount is a special offer for SOLA Node Package subscribers. At the end of your subscription period, you can purchase SATEA’s node services at discounted prices. Please note that you cannot apply these Node Discounts to subscribing to SOLA Node Packages. Example: One "Node Discount" allows you to purchase one SATEA node service at a discounted rate. The number of nodes eligible for the discounted rate depends on how many packages you subscribe to.

How to use SOLA Node Packages?

After subscribing to your SOLA Node Packages, you can view the details and usage of the packages in "My SOLA."

  • Step 1: On the DEPLOY NODES page, select the node projects you want to run and choose the desired quantity and duration.

  • Step 2: After clicking DEPLOY, the cost will be automatically deducted by the SOLA Node Packages you subscribed to in the payment confirmation. Then, you can place the order as usual.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We are sorry that the SOLA Node Packages service is non-refundable. Please carefully review the subscription details before placing your order. We appreciate your understanding and caution.

Can I change the running node projects within a subscription period?

We are sorry that the order from SOLA Node Packages doesn't support the project change during the subscription. If a node order ends before your SOLA Node Packages subscription expires, you can choose to purchase other node projects. Please thoroughly research the official project information and accurately assess the required running time before placing an order. We appreciate your understanding and caution.

How long is the duration of a SOLA Node Package? How can I renew it?

Currently, SOLA Node Packages are available in three durations: 30 days, 60 days, and 180 days. We will notify you via email five days before your SOLA Node Packages subscription expires. You can purchase additional SOLA Node Packages through the banner at the top of the DEPLOY NODES page. If you need to renew a node within the active period of your SOLA Node Packages subscription, select the node you want to renew in MY NODES and click the RENEW button at the bottom left to proceed with the renewal.

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