Satea Service Type

Please note that the following services do not include form filling, social media tasks, or any unrelated operations to node running.


Satea handles the entire process of node service without requiring users to provide any additional information. This option is ideal for users looking to deploy nodes in bulk.


Satea provides node deployment services but does not handle tasks such as faucet claiming, staking, and other related operations.

Users generally need to complete several tasks manually for this mode:

  • Submit the customized node name after purchasing the node.

  • Connect your account to the node for node activation.

  • Provide necessary information to ensure the node can be run properly.

  • Perform faucet claiming and token staking after node deployment.

Service Flow

Step 1: Purchase Satea Manual Service

  • Log in to and select a project that supports the Manual service.

  • Choose "Manual" for the service type, and specify the number of nodes you wish to order.

  • After confirming the order details, follow the instructions to finish the payment.

Step 2: Submit device information.

Once your order is successfully placed, you will see it in the MY NODES section with a "need setup" status. Check the Project Setup Guide for the corresponding project and provide the required information.

Step 3: Subsequent operations

Some projects require users to connect their wallet addresses. After your order status changes to "running," follow the Setup Guide for the specific project to complete the necessary subsequent operations.

We generally complete the deployment of nodes within two business days of receiving user submissions.

Remote Service

Satea offers remote assistance for node deployment, which is ideal for users with their servers. This service includes node initialization and running but does not cover ongoing node maintenance.

Hardware Requirement

Due to the significant variations in local hardware environments, IPs in specific regions (e.g., US, China, etc.) may be limited for certain projects. Satea's Remote Assistance service only supports VPS hardware. Please ensure that your hardware can be accessed remotely with the following system environment:

  • Ubuntu 20+ / CentOS 7.9+

Your VPS hardware is required to meet the official recommended configuration of the project.

Currently, Satea's remote service supports the following projects:

  • Farcaster Hubble

  • Airchains Station

  • Nubit Light Node

We will continuously update our remote service and support more node projects. Please stay tuned for our future updates.

Service Flow

Step 1: Purchase SATEA's Remote Service

  • Log in to and select the project that supports Remote Service.

  • Choose "Remote Service" as the service type and specify the number of nodes (select the number of devices if multiple devices need to run the node).

  • After confirming the order information, follow the instructions to finish the payment.

Step 2: Submit device information

After the order is successful, you will see your order on the node management page, click Submit Device Remote Information:

Once your order is successfully placed, you will see it in the MY NODES section. Submit the following remote device details:

  • IP

  • User Name

  • Password

  • Remote Port

You can find the above details in your VPS admin. Upon successful submission, SATEA staff will respond via your registered email address within 1 business day to communicate remote assistance and assist you with node deployment within 2 business days thereafter. Please be sure to keep your registered email address active.

If you do not receive our email or have other questions, please use the "open-ticket" channel on Satea's Discord: to submit related inquiries.

Service Rules and Instructions

  • Deployment will not be completed if your hardware does not meet the requirements of running the desired node.

  • If the submitted hardware does not meet the requirements, Satea will allow the user to replace the hardware once. If the replaced hardware still fails to meet the deployment requirements, Satea will terminate the service, and the service fee will not be refunded.

  • Please make sure that the hardware is switched on. In case of failed remote deployment, we need to communicate with you to solve any issues, so please keep your email address active.

  • During the deployment of our software service, it may be necessary to reboot the machine. Satea is not responsible for recovering any software processes other than this service after rebooting.

  • During the deployment of our software services, kernel upgrades may be necessary. If this causes the system to fail, Satea will attempt to help recover the system, but your cooperation will be required.

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