Node Purchase

Choose the chain you often use; when you buy services, the chain you choose will be used for payment and currently supports Base(USDC), BNB Smart Chain(USDC), and Arbitrum One(USDT) above payment methods; more payment methods will be opened later.

(If your usual payment method is not in the above channels, welcome to give us feedback in Discord, we are happy to listen to the community's opinions to improve the user experience.)

After selecting the service you wish to purchase, service type and service duration, and the number of units you wish to deploy, the card on the right side determines that the information is correct and clicks Deploy.

Read the disclaimer, understand the product instructions, and click I agree to enter the payment process.

If you have a discount code, you can enter it here. Click on Payment, and the contract will be called; before that, please make sure that the chain you are paying from and the wallet has enough USDC/USDT and GAS for the payment.

Surprise: you can enter the "SATEA" as a discount code, and you can get 95% discount)

After successful payment, there will be a short introduction to help you better understand the next step.

Clicking Deploy will jump to Node Management (MY NODES)

Note: We will process your order within one day. You can check the order status and order details in the node management; if it involves some operation for you, you can read our tutorials through How to Set to know what you need to follow up. The AUTO service does not require you to operate, and the Manual service will require you to do some simple setup.

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