0G Storage Node

How to run your 0G Storage Node via SATEA

Step 1: Purchase a 0G storage node

  1. Login to app.satea.io and select 0G

  2. Select node type: 0G Storage Node

  3. Select the number of nodes and node duration

After confirming that there are no errors, please follow the instructions to complete the payment.

Step 2: Waiting for Node Configuration

After the payment is completed, the system will automatically configure and synchronise the nodes. The system will automatically configure and synchronise the nodes after the payment is made. The process will be completed within 2 working days, and no additional operation is required during this period. You can click 0G Storage Node on the Node Management page to check the deployment progress and node details.

Once the configuration is complete, the platform will provide your 0G Storage Node address on the Node Details page. (Node seed phrase are not disclosed for the time being to guarantee account security)

Currently, 0G does not support checking the operation of the storage node in the blockchain browser. Satea will update the guide synchronously after 0G updates the function of checking the storage node.

The above completes the deployment of 0G storage nodes.

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