Boodha App Tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial for using the Boodha App

Step 1: Connect your wallet to Boodha

Before using the Boodha app, ensure your wallet is connected to the Boodha website. When you are in, a wallet selection panel will be displayed after clicking the "DASHBOARD" button.

You can select your preferred wallet and sign in with it.

Step 2: Boodha Web Dashboard navigation

After connecting your wallet, you will be directed to Boodha's Web Dashboard.

  • On the left side of the Dashboard is the device information panel, where you can manage your devices.

  • Your default Daily Tasks are on the right side of the Dashboard. You can earn Karmar points by running Boodha and completing tasks.

  • Your Karma earning records will be displayed in the KARMA STATISTICS section in the middle.

  • You can enter the "KUJI" lottery game by clicking the "GAME" button.

  • The prizes you won from the lottery game will be displayed under the "KUJI PRIZES" section.

Step 3: Add your devices

Before adding and running your devices, make sure you have completed the prerequisite steps. When this is all set, click the "MANAGE DEVICES" and "ADD A DEVICE" button. (If you have any questions during the process, please refer to the tutorial on the right side of the page.)

Step 4: Run Boodha App

  • Open the Boodha App and Docker that you have installed.

  • Copy and paste the Device ID from your New Device in the Dashboard to your Boodha App.

  • Click START in Boodha

If the status is [RUNNING] then your device has been added successfully! , your device is successfully added! Let's booo!

You can check the status of your newly added devices back in the Boodha Web Dashboard.

  • Nodes that are successfully deployed will display in green.

  • Nodes display in blue means they need to be set up manually.

Step 5: Deploy your nodes

Currently, only Nubit nodes can be deployed automatically. Other nodes require users to deploy them manually.

Nubit: The Nubit node will be automatically configured after connecting the device. Please wait patiently until the status changes to green "Running" and save the Nubit node information disclosed by the Boodha APP.

Note that after the device is disconnected, each time Nubit is restarted, a new node will be started and the previous node information will not be found. Please keep the node information shared by the Boodha App properly.

Fuel: You must fill in the Infura or Alchemy API Keys, which can be obtained for free. Below is the guide for how to obtain the API Key:

How to Get the Infura API Key

How to Get the Alchemy API Key

Step 6: Earn KARMA

You can earn Karma in the following ways:

  1. Get 500 Karma for the first login.

  2. Get 2,500 Karma by completing the newbie tasks.

  3. Get 500 Karma for logging in daily.

  4. Get up to 6,000 Karma daily by running the Boodha App.

  5. Get 500 Karma for each friend you invite*.

  6. Participate in occasional social media tasks for more chances to earn Karma.

  7. You can redeem Satea points into Karma at the rate of 1:20.

  8. Every purchase of 1 USDT made in Satea can be turned into 100 Karma.

You can find the total Karma you earned and the remaining spendable Karmar on the top of your dashboard.


The KUJI Lottery Game is still under maintenance. Please stay tuned for our update on the opening time.

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