🐻 About Boodha 🧘🏻

Powered by Satea, Boodha is pioneering a new era of decentralized computing power within the dynamic Berachain ecosystem. Boodha is dedicated to breaking down computing power silos on blockchains, creating a network that maximizes returns for all participants. By developing gamified dApps on the Berachain, Boodha unlocks profitable earning methods and connects projects and users across different blockchains. Join us on this transformative journey toward a decentralized universe.

What you can expect from the Boodha app

The Boodha app allows you to plug your personal computing devices into our DePINFi aggregator network, turning them into nodes for our supported projects. By running nodes or completing various tasks within the Boodha app, you will earn "Karma" points as rewards. These Karma points can be redeemed to enter our exciting lottery game, "Kuji." In this lottery game, you can win prizes such as USDT vouchers, airdrops from our partner projects, and even real USDT airdrops.

You can learn more about what Boodha has to offer via the following links:

🧘🏻 Website: https://boodha.ai

🧘🏻 X: https://x.com/oogaboodha

🧘🏻 Discord: https://discord.gg/satea

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